We Need a Change

I’m someone who’s obsessed with making an actual difference in the world. Especially changing the goals of the ‘diet industry’. The industry (consisting of websites, magazines and TV shows that promise to help you get your ‘dream body’ in 30 days or less) prioritises making money off of confused people looking to get healthy, instead of actually helping.

How many times have you considered buying a magazine that has the sentence ‘secrets to get slim fast’ written in red? I used to brush through them myself when I didn’t know any better, and I couldn’t help it! The industry aims at people with a sniper, hoping to brainwash them into thinking that avoiding carbs and over-exercising is the only way out. I’m tired of people being misled into a harmful cycle of depriving themselves, and then binging on cake and pizza when they can’t take it anymore.

All i’m saying is, you can eat carbs and still lose weight. You can eat a slice of pizza and not have to feel guilty about it later. You don’t have to spend hours working out. I believe in balance and holding onto your sanity :p Flexible dieting works, trust me.

So next time you hear your friend complaining about his/her impossible diet plan, tell them to take a breath. Being healthy isn’t supposed to be that hard. :p

Taking a mini break

Hey guys :)
So it hit me that I had been cutting for around 2 months. I was in a constant caloric deficit for so many days (except a few non-tracking days here and there) and my mind never took a break from macros and mentally planning workouts. So I decided that for the rest of the week i’m not even going to think about IIFYM.

Taking a break is so important to regain motivation and to give yourself a breather. Yesterday I let myself indulge on carrot cake, biryani and chicken lasagna. Everything was completely guilt free of course.

I was frustrated a few days ago about wether I even made any progress on this cut. This is cause I am not as lean as I’d hoped. Do I have a six-pack? No. Am I incredibly shredded now? Haha, negative. Am I okay with it? Now I am. This was my first cut with IIFYM and for a person who has no coaching and no trainer, i’ve done well for myself. I got as lean as I could while also truly enjoying my summer break. I’m just going to slowly lean out and slowly reach my goal while also maintaining a balance. Some days I don’t track. Some days I don’t even bother looking at my barbell. But i’m human, i’m healthy and most importantly i’m happy.

I plan on doing another round of cutting before the year ends and going much harder on myself this time around.



Round 2 of Reverse Dieting

My cut officially ends today. My final macros were 170 carbs/ 45 fat/ 80 protein and 1500 calories. This week i’m upping the carbs by 10 and the calories by 50. I’ll be doing this every one or two weeks till I hit my maintenance macros.

A reverse diet is basically a lean bulk. You don’t gain fat, you maintain your physique and you add a bit of muscle mass each round. Oh, and you speed up your metabolism to it’s fullest potential. I’m honestly so excited for new PR’s and strength gains.

This is quite a short post, cause I just wanted to update you guys.



The Cons of Cutting

Guess who can’t dead lift 60kg anymore? This girl. Not being able to lift a past PR would usually get to me, but not this time. I have a new challenge now to get back to that strength (i’m giving myself 25 days to accomplish this).

Having struggles when lifting is a common thing when you cut for a long time, so i’m not surprised. It is annoying, though.

My plan is to keep sticking to 55kg as my max lift, and once I can at least pull for 6 reps at that weight i’m going to try getting back to 60.

Things will constantly try to push you off track. PR’s get lost, people don’t believe in you, you don’t feel motivated to workout. But you keep going anyway.


Cause giving up is never an option, cause soon you’ll have a better PR, and you don’t need people to believe in you. You can do it yourself. Sometimes I lose all my motivation completely. But I put my gloves on anyways, suck it up and just lift. 

Obstacles are placed to test your determination. Don’t fail. 



pumy gloves

How to beat cravings.

I’ve probably written a post with a similar title a year ago. But I have something different to say this time.

So let’s say you’re craving something that you’ve mentally labeled as ‘bad food’. Pizza, lasagna, cake, bags of chocolate. Whatever it is. You’ve been craving it since you woke up, and now you’re trying to control yourself. You find healthier replacements of the food and you distract yourself and just tell the kid inside you to quiet down cause you really don’t want to give in. What if I told you to just eat what you’re craving?

Go ahead, order the pizza, bake the cake, open up the bag of chocolate. Now, what you don’t do is binge on what you’ve been craving. Eat 2 slices or a small to medium portion of whatever it is, and PLEASE don’t feel guilty about eating it. One of the reasons I promote IIFYM so much is because it’s all about balance and zero restrictions. Eat whatever you please in moderation and if it fits your macros but also remember to eat your salad and oatmeal and everything labeled healthy.

You’re probably craving something right now, aren’t you? Go for it. You have my blessing.



Also, on a side note, I got braces. Which means I do have food restrictions (goodbye, popcorn.) and it gets really tricky hitting my macros sometimes. But I guess it’ll all be worth it when I have nice teeth :p


New Workout Split

It’s been at least a year since i’ve changed my workout split (or maybe less, I like to exaggerate).

I’m going to be following this new split as soon as I get back to my weights. Now, this isn’t a conventional split. This is going to be more squat and deadlift focussed because I want to focus more on main lifts rather than having accessory work take the spotlight.

Day 1: Squats + conditioning for shoulders and triceps. I’ll be doing 6 sets (reps would depend on the weight. If i’m doing high weight then i’m going lower for the reps). Right now my squat is at 25-27kg due to my lack of a squat rack. That rhyme was an accident, I swear. I’ll be doing either fast paced squats, or slow/deep squats to really feel the burn.

Day 2: conditioning + back and biceps. Conditioning is basically like circuit training.

Day 3: deadlifts. Since this is my heaviest lift, i’m not pairing it with anything else. I’ll be doing 6-8 sets of deadlifts, increasing the weight as the set progresses.

Day 4: total upper body

Day 5: Deadlifts

Day 6: Squats + conditioning.

Then after a rest day (or maybe two rest days), i’ll repeat the cycle. This split is far more intense than my previous one due to the conditioning and leg-intensive work. If I was reverse dieting I would just have 1 conditioning workout per week.

Can’t wait for the quad and hamstring gains.




Day 5L


We’ve all had that moment during a cut where we feel too fatigued to even check if our abs are making an appearance yet. The fatigue is caused by depleted glycogen and leptin levels which makes you feel tired. When this happens, it’s time for a re-feed. Now, a re-feed is not the same as a cheat day where you mindlessly inhale anything on a fast-food menu. You basically eat till you full-fill your maintenance macros (usually high carb, low fat) so you can replenish glycogen levels. Re-feeds are vital during your cut if you want to keep having effective workouts. It’s not going to ruin your progress, I promise. You might be a bit bloated the next day but it won’t last.

I still haven’t had a re-feed but when I do i’ll be ready to demolish 280C/45F/91P and 1900 calories.

Can’t wait :p