New Workout Split

It’s been at least a year since i’ve changed my workout split (or maybe less, I like to exaggerate).

I’m going to be following this new split as soon as I get back to my weights. Now, this isn’t a conventional split. This is going to be more squat and deadlift focussed because I want to focus more on main lifts rather than having accessory work take the spotlight.

Day 1: Squats + conditioning for shoulders and triceps. I’ll be doing 6 sets (reps would depend on the weight. If i’m doing high weight then i’m going lower for the reps). Right now my squat is at 25-27kg due to my lack of a squat rack. That rhyme was an accident, I swear. I’ll be doing either fast paced squats, or slow/deep squats to really feel the burn.

Day 2: conditioning + back and biceps. Conditioning is basically like circuit training.

Day 3: deadlifts. Since this is my heaviest lift, i’m not pairing it with anything else. I’ll be doing 10-12 sets of deadlifts, increasing the weight as the set progresses.

Day 4: Squats + chest, shoulders and triceps

Day 5: Deadlifts + shoulders and triceps

Day 6: Squats + conditioning.

Then after a rest day (or maybe two rest days), i’ll repeat the cycle. This split is far more intense than my previous one due to the conditioning and leg-intensive work. If I was reverse dieting I would just have 1 conditioning workout per week.

Can’t wait for the quad and hamstring gains.




Day 5L


We’ve all had that moment during a cut where we feel too fatigued to even check if our abs are making an appearance yet. The fatigue is caused by depleted glycogen and leptin levels which makes you feel tired. When this happens, it’s time for a re-feed. Now, a re-feed is not the same as a cheat day where you mindlessly inhale anything on a fast-food menu. You basically eat till you full-fill your maintenance macros (usually high carb, low fat) so you can replenish glycogen levels. Re-feeds are vital during your cut if you want to keep having effective workouts. It’s not going to ruin your progress, I promise. You might be a bit bloated the next day but it won’t last.

I still haven’t had a re-feed but when I do i’ll be ready to demolish 280C/45F/91P and 1900 calories.

Can’t wait :p



It’s Been 2 Years. Almost.

I realised my two year anniversary for the blog is coming up. Two years. I started off as a girl who barely ate and was glued to the treadmill, to a girl who fuels herself sufficiently and is now leaner than ever. I’m proud of myself (something I rarely say). Proud that I never gave up and I know I never will.

My boards are done and I can finally focus on the cut. I’ve decided to cut for the entire Summer cause I want abs more than Daenerys wants the Iron Throne (Where my GoT fans at?). I’m going to drop my carbs down to 180 and calories to 1550 (don’t want to go lower than that). I’m going to incorporate more circuit training to my routine. At least 20 minutes 4 times a week. I’ll keep you updated once a week on how the cut is going.

So far i’ve lost a kg.

Lately Nikki Blackketter (YouTuber) has been my main motivation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.31.57 am

She’s cutting as well, but for a Bikini Competition so it’s far more serious than what i’m doing.

Till next time,



Nearly Done

By the end of next week, i’ll be done with boards. Finally.

My cut has been consistent for the past 11 days, (it was on/off before that). I can’t weigh myself since the scale broke down (it said I weighed 115kg. What a joke :P). I look a tad bit leaner, but i’m still keen on kicking my own arse every day.
Here’s todays workout:

100 jump squats 

50 burpees 

100 jumping jacks 

50 kettle-bell swings

50 weighted sit ups

50 weighted Russian twists 

Shoulder warm up 

Shoulder press (10kg) 8×3

bent over flies 8×3 (10kg)

big 25 x2 (10kg)

tricep dips 8×3 

Since I started the workout with HIIT, I couldn’t do any heavy lifting today cause I felt like I was going to pass out. I’m still eating a sufficient amount of calories and carbs and i’m still going against most things that the diet industry tells us to do. This is as rebellious as I get.

I’m not going to be cutting for the entirety of summer cause I plan on having days where I don’t bother tracking.

I’m going to get my consistency back with posts as soon as the burden of 10th grade ends.



tricep DB dips 8×3 

Summer Shred

I guess it would be dumb of me to take my cut to a next level while i’m in the middle of my boards, but oh well. I haven’t been taking my cut seriously so I thought this would be a fun thing to do to hold myself accountable. My macros will stay the same (except I I dropped 20 carbs), i’ll be doing 20 minutes of HIIT thrice a week. Hoping to get to 50-51kg by the end of the month with minimal muscle loss.

Phase 2: Cutting.

I am done with my reverse diet and I am ready to get leaner. Ready for phase 2: the cut.

This means every week or so i’ll be cutting down 50 cals and 10 carbs, but I won’t go lower than 200 carbs and 1500 calories this time. No more damaging my metabolism. I’ll slowly add cardio back into my routine. The idea of a cut sounds exhausting to me but IIFYM removes the feeling of it being a diet. Hey, as long as I can still have a cupcake now and then, i’m good.

I may be getting too ambitious here, but I want her abs by the end of my cut. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.05.33 pm

I wouldn’t mind having her arms as well but I would probably need to go through a bulk or two before I reach that level.

I’ve been slacking with fitness and tracking so much. It’s not even because of my fast approaching exams, i’m just getting lazy. But it ends here.

Till next time,



The Pump

It’s 6 AM, I just finished back and biceps since I probably won’t have time to lift after school. Gotta get it done somehow. My board exams are in less than a month and I can feel my priorities shift to studying rather than hitting macros and lifting on the daily. Even though my focus isn’t on the latter, I am still hitting PR’s.

 56kg dead lift and 26kg squat (my squat and deadlift are so far apart, it’s hilarious)

I’ve also hit my final macros for the reverse diet (290c/55f/100p/1950cals)

I’m pumped.

Pumped to ace my exams, pumped to keep making gains, pumped to keep moving forward. The past few months have been difficult for me, it feels like school is draining me. But I need to keep moving forward.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.00.34 pm

Let’s turn the huge tyre into a metaphor for your obstacles. Now push past them.