It’s been a while since i’ve posted (I think?) and all I want to do now is update my stats.

Deadlift – 50kg

bent over row – 30kg (one of my goals for 2015)

upright row – 22kg

squat – 20kg (snatching sucks, basically.)

shoulder press – 20kg.

Not too shabby, I think. My macros are currently 240 carbs/55 fat/100 protein, 1800 calories. I’m turning 16 in 3 days and I honestly can’t wait to have a day of cake eating and not being bothered if it fits my macros or not. Hope all the food goes straight to my biceps though.



One Month Down

January is nearly over and I honestly feel like the only progress i’ve made this month is with my deadlift. Lately i’ve been obsessing over having abs and ‘big guns’, I have surely made progress but today is one of those days where I’m not appreciating myself enough. This is the reality of a fitness journey. You’re not going to make amazing progress all the time, it’s not always going to go the way you planned. You’re not always going to look at your reflection and be filled with love and satisfaction. You’ll think your biceps aren’t big enough, abs not defined enoug and hamstrings not prominent enough. But you just suck it up and keep going with the grind, keep lifting and keep tracking macros.

I guess this is just a reality-check for me. Now I just have to lift harder and heavier, keep going with HIIT and ab workouts and keep hitting macros. I’ll get there.

Macros Then vs. Now

I was reading my first few blog posts (When I used to do clean-eating) and it scared me. After my first challenge of not eating junk food for 30 days I had come down to 46kg and still wanted to lose more. I had the most pathetic relationship with food. I was living off of cardio and light weights. I was obsessed with the weighing scale. I remember the way I used to be happy whenever my calories came under 1000. Mental.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.32.26 pm

Look at those macros. Barely any calories, barely any carbs, pathetic macros for protein.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.42.16 pm

(Ignore the numbers in red telling me i’m eating too much, haha)

It’s safe to say i’ve made solid progress. Am I still 46kg? HELL NO. I’m at a healthy 51/52 (weight fluctuates between those two numbers). I don’t even do cardio anymore to be honest. Maybe once in a while, but barely. It’s just lifting. I have changed so much and I am so proud of myself for coming out of the mentality I was in. My physique made the best progress once I got out of the state I was in. I am very happy fitness and physique-wise.

In other news, shoulder presses are very hard. I still can’t do a proper military press with 20kg without adding a bounce (push press), but i’m working on it. My PR for squats, shoulder press and upright row are stuck at the moment and the only way I can keep going higher with lifts is if I just keep working on it. No excuses, keep going with the grind. I was trying for a new squat and press PR a few days ago but I couldn’t land it. It’s okay though, i’ll get there eventually.


Women like this motivate the hell out of me. (Lauren Fisher)

Stay focused

The Fitness Industry

Would it be weird if I wished everyone a happy New Year now? it’s okay, I like weird.

I’m eating more than 200g of carbs right now and I’m getting much stronger with my lifts. I was thinking about the days where I would follow the fitness industry’s advice for ‘getting in shape’ and it was ridiculous.

If you’re a girl, the fitness industry will tell you to eat 1200 calories or less, to live on the treadmill and to lift light weights. You are not allowed to eat carbs after 4pm, you’re supposed to drink water to curb your appetite and you are supposed to avoid carbs like the plague. It’s all just salads and grilled chicken for you. For guys, the industry will tell you to eat a truck-load of protein, and again go low-carb and live in the weight room (that doesn’t sound bad, actually). I used to be the girl who followed these rules religiously. Low carbs, don’t eat junk food at all and then when i’m deprived enough just binge for a whole day on Nutella and pizza and carbs. Now here I am eating a huge bowl of pasta confidently. Yeah, I still eat salads but that’s cause vegetables make my skin happy. Now I can eat Nutella without getting scared of gaining weight cause i’ve learned how to eat things in moderation and to never deprive myself. Soon i’ll be eating 270g of carbs and 2000 calories (reverse diet game is going strong) and I can laugh at the ‘old Priyasha’ who used to go to bed hungry because of the fear of going over my calorie limit.

All i’m saying is, sometimes this industry gives ridiculous advice. I am tired of people following this advice. If you want to lose weight you don’t have to deprive yourself and eat as little as 1200 calories. Just be wiser with your choices, get into a healthy caloric deficit and workout. Remember, the perfect body is a healthy one.

A little update before I end this post: i’m getting more comfortable with the 20kg upright row, my bent over row is now 25kg, and my shoulder press has gone to 20kg. I’m waiting for my weight plates so I can increase my dead-lifts. Goals are being conquered and gains are being made. Thank you IIFYM for keeping me sane :)


Just leaving you with this picture cause PR’s make us all feel like a Super Saiyan.



This Year

This year was amazing for fitness. I may have completely neglected studying, but oh well.

I made strength gains this year, got some solid  fitness knowledge (At least I learnt something) and became mentally stronger.

I was doubted a lot. People base my strength on arm-wrestling matches and tug-of-wars, which is why they think i’m weak (I’m terrible at those things so I don’t blame them.) I call myself strong based on lifting and my willingness to move past peoples doubts and comments. You are going to come across so many obstacles in your life. You can either come out weaker from their wounds or much stronger. I choose stronger.


I learnt something else this year.

No body is the same. Even if society puts you into one category (Curvy, skinny, pear shaped, hourglass, whatever it is) your body will never be the same as someone else’s. Knowing this, it makes no sense to compare yourself to someone else. Use your traits to your advantage. Let’s take me for example. I have more mass on my legs, and because of that It’s easier for me to make quad, hamstring and glute gains. Embrace your differences.

I hope your goals for 2015 scare you a little and excite you a lot. That’s how you know they’re good goals.

Have an amazing New Years Eve and an even better New Year.



I’m just going to leave you with some last bits of motivation. 



Where to begin? My reverse diet has been going pretty well. I am now at 180 carbs and i’m dropping some weight (not my intention). Remember my final resolution of getting abs like Jillian Michaels? well, let’s just say I don’t look like her, but I have made some good progress with my abs and i’m happy with it’s definition. I don’t have abs like her, I have abs like me. And i’m happy with it. I have been so amped up about my goals for 2015.

currents stats:
30kg dead lift
20kg bent over row
15kg upright row
20kg squat
15kg shoulder press


60kg dead lift
30kg bent over row
30kg upright row
30kg squat
30kg shoulder press

I’m ready to slay these goals one at a time. Finally, I am done with making goals related to appearance. I just want some strength gains. I’m still going to keep making progress on my physique though, it’s just that isn’t my only priority anymore.

I especially can’t wait till I nail the 60kg dead lift. Just imagine. I’m getting chills even thinking about it.

Have a Merry Christmas



I Did It

My goal for the longest time was to be able to do a 20kg squat. You can guess based on the title that I did it. If I had a squat rack I would be able to squat so much more, but since I don’t, I need to snatch it myself, do a shoulder press (well, more like half a shoulder press) and then squat it.

The first 10 attempts I failed, but I felt like getting a new PR today so I kept going. My shoulders are now tingling with soreness and my face hurts from smiling so much.

In other news, I started reverse dieting (started yesterday). I want to gain some mass on my upper body and I can’t do that while on a cut so I decided to slowly up my macros and calories so that I can maintain my lean-ness while still adding a bit of mass. I will keep upping macros till I reach 270 carbs (imagine the amount of pasta i’ll be able to fit!), 47 fat and 118 protein. My calories will soon reach 1980.

Let the gains begin (See what I did there?)